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Guys and flip flops?

I%26#039;m a 20 year old guy. I live in a place where it gets cool but it never really gets cold (I never really get cold). I like wearing my flip flops in the summer with shorts, but I%26#039;ve never worn them with jeans. Should guys wear flip flops in the winter with jeans or not.

Guys and flip flops?
If you don%26#039;t wear socks with them I see no problem
Reply:Your feet, your flip flops, your choice. Casual wear year round.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think guys should wear flip flops at all!! Or any other sandal for that matter. ESPECIALLY not with jeans!!
Reply:guys %26amp; flip flops just dont got 2gether! exspecially guys with nasty feet that they dont take care of! ewwww gross!!! its a really big turnoff thats y most grls these days hate guys feet!
Reply:Flip flops are casual so you could deffinately wear them in the winter. Also if you like them then who cares what other people think!
Reply:I%26#039;m an Aussie girl and thongs (flip flops) are worn with everything at any time.

I wouldn%26#039;t recommend wearing them out at night as it is not the hottest look, but through the day they are okay! (make sure they are black and/or a dark colour!)
Reply:sure i do it ll the time....plus i prefer them with jeans so they dont make that %26quot;smack%26quot; sound against your heel.
Reply:Yes. Flip flops should be worn all year
Reply:flip flops are gay... only use them in the shower at the gym (i dont even use them there)
Reply:No! That looks gay.
Reply:do the damm thing !!!! rock out with your filp flops !!!!

who care , if you like then more power to you !!!!
Reply:I know a lot of guys who wear flip flops with their jeans i think if they are just hanging out then yeah go for it, if you are going somewhere nicer then i dont think its appropriate.

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I love flip flops I what to know how loves flip flops?

how ever loves flip flops and tell me what is ur favorite color with them.

I love flip flops I what to know how loves flip flops?
flip flops are great.... i have so many colors to match all my outfits my fav are my tan leather ones
Reply:I love filp flops....any sandles are awsome in my book....The only bad part is I live in Canada and winter is longer than our summers so I don%26#039;t get to wear them as much as I%26#039;d like to.My favorite color is black or red.
Reply:I love flip flops! My faves are old navy brand, because they%26#039;re inexpensive, and I also love adidas ones! I like any color, but especially blue, because that%26#039;s always been my favorite color. And even though I live in the northeast where we have winter, I still wear them 24/7!
Reply:ya i love flip flops they r comfortable to walk in. i like them in all colors like pink,beige,purple, navy blue and black. and my favourite color is black.
Reply:Yes, I love flip flops! Toe freedom! Sadly mine are all tucked away for the winter months : (
Reply:duh blue
Reply:I LOVE flip flops! I have them in pink, blue, purple, brown but unfortunantly i live in GA so its like so cold down here that i cant wear them right now!
Reply:I love flip flops! my fav. color is purple
Reply:i love flip flops i have them in every color...my fav. is pink but flip flops only look good w/ shorts
Reply:I love flip flops too, they are comfy and easy to kick off. The winter months have taken these from me until April 07. I love my pink and blue Old Navy ones, got them dirt cheap at the end of the season.
Reply:I like Jellies, all colors.
Reply:do you mean who loves flip flops?

I love Jandals (im a new zealander we call them jandals - Japanese Sandal). I%26#039;d say Havaianas are the best brand. My fav colour is classic black, you can wear them with everything!
Reply:Yeah i love flip flops, although we call them thongs in Australia. I love the Havaiana brand ones. The most comfortable in the world!! I have like 5 pairs of them and still wear them in winter. My favourite color is probably black and i have a metallic blue pair which are also very kool.
Reply:I love my brown Rainbow flip flops!!
Reply:what i do not under stand your question??????????????? you need to learn how to spell

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(Girls only) flip flops?

do flip flops make your feet stink and after you take them off do the flip flops stink?

(Girls only) flip flops?
It%26#039;s rather that my stinky feet make my flip flops smell bad!

They also get those imprints very easily...
Reply:if your flip flops start to stink...throw them away!!!
Reply:Not mine. I wear flipflops all the time. They don%26#039;t make your feet sweat because of all the air they are getting so they won%26#039;t stink. But it%26#039;s a pain in the neck to have them get dirty so easily.

I always wash my feet with soap and water in the bathtub or sink before putting on flipflops. Make sure that you do that too.
Reply:not mine my feet and my flip flops dont stink ur feet and sandels get dirty though
Reply:that is odd if flip flops make your feet smell. smelly feet is a sweat thing, and it is hard to a) work up a sweat when in flip flops b)get sweat trapped in your sock/ the fabric of your shoe if you are wearing flipflops. if your flip flops smell, wash %26#039;em.

i%26#039;ve never had a smell problem with flip flops.
Reply:Try the Crocs brand flip flops. They are very comfortable and they have something in them to keep them from smelling bad. They are slightly pricey, but worth every penny.
Reply:no ... i wash my feet.
Reply:your feet make your feet stink, wash them often, especially with footwear that makes your feet sweat
Reply:I think i%26#039;ve noticed that it makes a difference on what kind of material they are made out of, but it%26#039;s true... wash your feet more often if neccesary...thats all that helps...
Reply:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... LOL. you really need a woman influence in your life. Girls wear flip flops because they%26#039;re comfortable and lets your feet get fresh air. and also because it shows off pretty toes and new pedicures
Reply:no. its your feet. just wash them


Are red flip flops for guys common in Mexico?

Saw a guy I believe he was mexican in red flip flops the other day. Was wondering is that a common product that is sold in Mexico? Is red a common color for guys in flip flops?

Are red flip flops for guys common in Mexico?
Flip Flops are sold around the world in a variety of colors, im sure it was just the man preferance to wear flip flops and the color red. The color red i believe is a common color for men as well as women
Reply:it dependes on wat ur style is ive seen white ,black,asian wear sandals not only mexicans but like i said it all depends on ur style n culture


Does wearing flip flops all the time make your feet ugly?

It seems to me that people who wear flip flops have crusty feet. Almost like the skin is peeling off. The always look red and raw. The toe nailes are not much better either. People like myself that often wears shoes and socks have soft smooth soles. Does wearing flips flops all tthe time make your feet ugly? It seems the lack of support is also bad for them.

Does wearing flip flops all the time make your feet ugly?
stop wearing them or you%26#039;ll end up walking like the chinks
Reply:no,they dont,makes them less dependent on shoes
Reply:I think feet of shoe wearers often look pretty bad... I always go barefoot and my feet don%26#039;t look anything like you described, they%26#039;re not soft but the toughness is a leathery toughness, no crusts, no redness, no cracks, nothing like that at all. In fact I%26#039;ve never seen a barefooter who had ugly feet, most of those things are caused by closed shoes and especially women%26#039;s shoes with pointed toes... I think what may be the problem is that the people who wear flipflops do so on hot days only while wearing ill-fitting fashion footwear the rest of the time. If you%26#039;re a man, you won%26#039;t have as much of a problem with that because your footwear is at least mostly foot-shaped; women%26#039;s footwear usually isn%26#039;t, forcing the foot to become shoe-shaped and that goes along with redness, corns, peeling skin, etc. But it%26#039;s those closed fashion-shoes that *make* the foot ugly; you just don%26#039;t *see* it until they take off those closed shoes and put their feet in the flipflops.

Lack of support is basically not bad for feet; a survey in Asia showed the barefoot rikshaw coolies who ran barefoot on pavement all day long had very, very few foot problems, far less in fact than shoe-wearing Western folks. But a flipflop would be worse than going barefoot; barefoot, I land on the ball of the foot rather than on the heel, so the entire foot can act as a shock absorber. This is the gliding walk you also may%26#039;ve seen on documentaries from barefoot people carrying jugs of water on their heads and such... while I%26#039;ve never practiced that, I do have a very smooth gait going barefoot. Any shoe that sports a stiff sole would be worse than barefooting for lack of support; it%26#039;d prevent the natural shock absorbing, while not providing anything in return.


Thongs or flip flops?

do you call them thongs or flip flops? flip flops sounds so fruity to me, no offence ;)

Thongs or flip flops?
Well I am from New Zealand and we call them jandals, which I think sounds much better than flip flops or thongs but then again I am used to it! I live in Australia though and everyone calls them thongs or flip fliops so I get picked on by my friends about calling them jandals!
Reply:thongs or t straps- the under wear

flip flop the sandals
Reply:Flip Flops
Reply:...flip flops, of course....listen to the sound they make. for guys they are sandals, though...and a thong is butt floss.....
Reply:arent they 2 different things?
Reply:THONGS of course....
Reply:Thongs. Those nasty skimpy underwear should be called creepers.
Reply:i know right i eat chicken with ketchup too
Reply:DEFINTELY flip flops! thong sounds so...weird and kinda awkward (sorry lol)
Reply:flip flops, thongs are underwear :)
Reply:Flip Flops.... Thongs sound like something that doesn%26#039;t cover your bum enough.

Personally I think Flip Flop should only be worn at the beach and children under the age of 8 should never wear them.
Reply:flip flops! Thongs are like the men%26#039;s swimsuit things that are like...revealing... EW!
Reply:thongs sound perverted and flip flops sound fruity, like you said. i%26#039;ll just stick to thongs.

p.s. don%26#039;t they call thongs flip flops in austrilia? lol i saw it on americas next top model once
Reply:flip flops
Reply:are you talking about the footwear? if so, then flip flops...ive never heard of sandals referred to as thongs before...i call my underwear thongs, and my sandals flip flops....*rolls eyes* weird.....lol jk jk jk
Reply:i call them flip flops.. occasionally sandals?
Reply:Flip flops,
Reply:Flip flops.. thongs are underwear :P
Reply:flip flops
Reply:FLIP-FLOPS eww! thongs are weird!
Reply:Well I just call them sandals or slipons or even shoes.

LOL as corny as that sounds.
Reply:i prefer to call them thongs...i agree with ur statement.

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Cant Weat Flip-Flops to work, but Sandals are ok??

I was just told that I cant wear flip-flops to work, but sandals are okay?? lol I don%26#039;t get it....the flip flops I have are leather ones with rinestones and look good, but ppl here can wear sandals that I think are pretty much the same, and they look uglier (at least the ones ppl wear hear)

Can you guys explain the difference?

Any cute ideas on something similar I can wear would be great!

Thanks, and I choose best answer = )

Cant Weat Flip-Flops to work, but Sandals are ok??
At the bank I work at they say that they dont allow flip-flops because of the flopping sound they make and they dont look professional. Other sandals make flopping sounds too but I agree they arent proffesional looking :)
Reply:i think the noise flip flops make can make you seem unprofessional at work. i wouldnt want my employees to be flippin and floppin around the work place. wear flats or something they are at about the same comfort level as flip flops.
Reply:Wish I was there. Freezing in Chicago. You have to wear boots here. Anyway we used to call flip-flops %26quot;thongs%26quot;. Ask your boss if you can wear a thong to work. From the looks of you I am sure your boss will say yes. Then you are wearing flip-flops on a technicality. good luck!
Reply:i believe it%26#039;s for OSHA requirements.... if you hit your foot and get injured... that%26#039;s a liability for the company so that%26#039;s why they won%26#039;t let you wear the flip flops

as far as another stlye ... try the sandals that have a low heel on them... they are comfortable and stylish :-)
Reply:wearing sandals at ur job would look tacky. try profesional
Reply:Flip flops are made for the beach, gym, or around the house. They are generally viewed as a very casual shoe.

Without knowing the type of work you do, I can only guess that you are not a lifeguard. In my profession (engineering) these would be considered very un-professional to wear.

Meanwhile, sandals are more dressy. Sandals, especially women%26#039;s, can be dressier than regular shoes.

I hope this helps you.
Reply:Well, I%26#039;m a barista, and my boss doesn%26#039;t allow flip-flops, either. He says its more for safety reasons - spilling hot water or milk on my foot would really hurt! But since you ARE allowed to wear sandals, I%26#039;d suggest something neutral that would go with your uniform (I%26#039;m not sure what you wear), and something comfortable if you%26#039;re on your feet all day. Flats are a great idea, they look cute, they%26#039;re comfortable, and they cover your toes. Or, if you do like sandals, try AE%26#039;s selection of wedges and non-flip-flop sandals! (http://www.ae.com/web/browse/category_fe...

I hope this helps!
Reply:Sandals are strappy, look classy, reveal less of the foot, and there%26#039;s less of a chance of them falling off or breaking.

Flip-flops were really meant for the beach and such.

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